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Cracking and Stretcher Marks on Acrylic Paintings-How do I prevent this damage?

We are often asked why cracks and ridges in the paint form around the perimeter of the oil or acrylic painting on canvas as you can see in the photograph. The crack is usually located between two to three inches in from the painting and corresponds to the inside edge of the stretcher bars (strainer [...]


Bull’s Eye Cracking on Oil and Acrylic Painting-Why does it occur?

The bull’s eye cracking pattern in this photograph is typical of oil and acrylic paintings that get hit, poked, leaned on, punctured or ripped.  The cracking pattern does not show up immediately. So when this painting was hit the owner probably looked at he point of impact and thought there was no problem because no [...]


Brittle Paintings and How being Cautious with Handling is Important!

This Barbizon picture is typical of paintings from the end of the 1800s: canvas brittle usually very cracked. This painting had a large piece broken out of the painting from being hit by a child’s toy. Normally this would have only caused a dent but because of the poor quality materials more extensive damage occurred. [...]